Vega Group provides services in project based special machinery, hair molds, automation and advertising sectors. Vega Group was established in 2008 in Bursa Small Industrial Site under the name of Vega Makina. Automation department has been established by understanding the importance of automation works in the sector and continues to make the necessary investments for its development. Advertising Department was established to increase market share and to prepare labels for existing machines and molds. It has taken power from the presence of the machinery and equipment and experienced personnel required for the mold sector and stepped into the mold sector. It is taking strong steps on this path with success.

Quality Understanding;

As Vega Group, we keep our Machinery, Mold, Automation and Advertising departments open to continuous development. We believe that this development will benefit us in the production of high quality products and customer satisfaction.

1- To save time and resources in all processes from beginning to end
2-To support the personal development of our employees
3- To respond to the expectations of our customers and business partners in the best and fastest way
4-Technology and techniques to follow closely to ensure the continuity of product diversity
5- To contribute to the protection of the environment by being sensitive to the environment